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Textile exports up by 2.68% YoY to $1.53bn in September: PBS – Mettis Global Link

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Textile exports up by 2.68% YoY to $1.53bn in September: PBS - Mettis Global Link

October 18, 2022 (MLN): Pakistan’s textile exports increased to $1.53bn in September’22, up by 2.68% YoY, whereas shows a decline of 3.07% MoM, the latest data released by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) showed.

As per the data, month on month basis, the cotton carded segment remained a major outperformer with an increase of 67.50% MoM to $0.134mn, towels by 16.32% to $87.28mn and other textile materials by 8.99% to $63.44mn.

Meanwhile, made-up articles also witnessed a jump of 5.96% MoM to $64.06mn.

On a YoY basis, raw cotton,  tents, canvas and tarpaulin and towels increased by 100%, 18.26%, and 8.16% YoY, while cotton carded, other yarn and cotton yarn decreased by 80.94%, 11.92% and 20.39% respectively.

Going by the data, food exports from the country in September’22 stood at around $355 million, decline by 1.26% YoY and 3.31% MoM from $359mn in September’21 and $367mn in August’21, respectively.

Commodity-wise, rice, fish & fish preparations, meat, oil seeds remained the primary sources of foreign exchange earnings during the review period as their exports were valued at $118.85mn, $41.85mn, $30.05mn and $29.88mn respectively.

The exports of fish, tobacco and vegetables witnessed a jump of 30.73%, 29.39% and 14.62% YoY respectively in September, while fruit exports went down by 40.11% YoY.

Similarly, the export of petroleum products declined by of 79.84% YoY to $5.49mn in September’22. It was mainly led by exports of petroleum crude, decreased by 100% YoY, and petroleum products (excl. Top Naphta) at $5.49mn, increased by 73.68% YoY.

Going into details made available by PBS, the other manufactures group observed a 5.59% YoY increase in exports during September’22 to $347.72mn. Under this group, the trade value of sports good stood at $38.41mn, up by 40.50% YoY.  The country earned $55.37mn through the export of leather manufactures, marking a growth of 15.10% YoY.

Meanwhile, the exports of jewellary witnessed an increase of 434.48% YoY and 50%MoM to value at $0.930mn during September’22. Engineering goods exports increased by 17.46%YoY to $17.73mn in September’22, the major chunk of exports under the engineering goods during the said period was mainly from the transport equipment and other electrical machinery which clocked in at $0.914mn, and $4.07mn.

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