April 21, 2024


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How to Network Successfully With the 7Ps

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Networking is a necessity for all business owners. However not everybody is delighted at the prospect of walking into a room full of strangers to promote their business. Self doubt can set in and no matter how much you love your business there’s always the fear that others won’t. So here’s a few things to do to get the most out of any networking event.

  1. Prepare
    Not only should you find out where and when the event is; you should also find out beforehand who is going to be there. Decide who you would really like to talk to and do some background research so that you have things to talk about when you do meet them. How can you help them? How can you help each other?
  2. Pitch
    Prepare a quick resume (a pitch) of your business so that you can tell people confidently what it is that you do. The length of the piece depends on whether you have to stand up and fill a certain time slot or are just introducing yourself generally. Have a couple of versions so regular attendees don’t get bored of hearing it.
  3. Prompt
    You should always turn up early to networking events that way attendees come to you. This is much easier than trying to fit yourself into already established cliques and conversations. You’ll also get the chance to position yourself in the optimum place; by the buffet.
  4. Pocket
    If you collect business cards from everybody you meet, don’t let them stay in your pocket; follow up on all contacts with a phone call or email, even if it’s just to say how nice it was to meet them.
  5. Pen
    Simple but don’t forget to take a pen so you can make notes about the people you meet, maybe extra info missed from their business card. Also take notes on the feature presentation for future reference.
  6. Problem solve
    Tell your new contacts what you do but also explain how you can solve a problem they are having. (This should be the core idea of any of your marketing activities not just networking)
  7. Persist
    Don’t give up. People may not remember you the first time round but they will certainly forget you if you never show up again. May be a specific group isn’t for you but when you find one that is stick with it, even if you don’t get business you may get some new friends.

Above all, don’t be scared. Everyone is there for the same reasons so don’t be shy in promoting your business and have fun.

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