5 Things You Shouldn't Let Employees Do With Work Computers - Business  Partner Magazine

There are a lot of things that you can do at work, but comparably there are more things that you can’t do. There are certain behaviors that simply aren’t acceptable while you’re on the job. Do them, and you might not just get reprimanded; you could lose your job altogether. Here are some of the most important things that you should probably never do at work. 

Bring a Weapon 

Plenty of people enjoy their firearms and have a passion for all these guns; however, concealing and carrying is probably better for your free time.  Not everyone may share the same views on firearms as you, so you should definitely leave your gun at home, far from the workplace. 

Go On Questionable Websites 

It’s safe to assume that any activity from your work computer is being monitored. Rather than putting yourself at risk for your boss seeing something you don’t want them to see, don’t go on any websites that could be considered inappropriate. The same goes for your email— any activity on your computer should be respectable and professional. 


When you spend so many hours a day with the same group of people, it’s only natural that things can come up. However, participating in workplace gossip can lead to serious consequences. Fight the urge to get involved. You’re not making yourself look good or professional by participating in immature gossip. If you ever hope to be promoted to a management position, you need to prove that you’re a leader and above silly activities like gossip. 

Engage in Office Romance 

Workplace romance is a no-no. Not only can it lead to awkward interactions with your coworkers, but it can also lead to legal consequences. The last thing you want is a lawsuit because of an office romance. Do yourself a favor and work with your coworkers— don’t date them. 


It may seem innocent to have a drink during your lunch break at a restaurant. However, going into the office under the influence can get you in serious trouble with HR. Even though you may think that no one notices, chances are they can smell it on your breath. Do everyone a favor and save the alcohol for after work, not before or during. 

Talk on Your Personal Phone 

The last thing your coworkers want is to listen to you on your phone, talking about personal matters while they are trying to be productive. There’s nothing worse than someone using their paid working hours to talk loudly on the phone and disrupt the working environment.  If you must talk on your personal phone during work hours, it’s important that it’s brief and outside of common areas.