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Vegan Pizza: Going Back to Neapolitan Roots

Vegan pizza (no meat, no cheese) might seem to many like another strange and unwelcome perversion of classic favorite food. But the reality is the opposite.

It is not a vegan pizza that is the “perversion.” Vegan pizza is the original! The first pizza was made in Naples and is called a Neapolitan Pizza. There are two types of Neapolitan pizzas now officially recognized by the European Union (yes, it’s that official!). The more familiar Margherita was first made for Queen Margherita of Savoy in 1889, to represent the three-colored Italian flag, and therefore included mozzarella cheese. But the original one, the purest and the best according to many pizza enthusiasts, is the Marinara: crushed tomato sauce, oregano, sliced garlic, and olive oil, on a yeast-leavened flatbread base, cooked in a wood-fired oven for 60 to 90 seconds. Look at marcos pizza coupon code website for more information about pizza … Read More

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Sukanto Tanoto inspires other local entrepreneurs to compete in the international market

Sukanto Tanoto is one of the few Indonesian businessmen who are able to compete at an international level. The Founder and Chairman of Royal Golden Eagle (RGE) has worked hard to transform RGE into a world-class corporation, and to be able to succeed in the global market.

RGE has business units spread across the globe – not only in Indonesia, but also in China, Brazil, Spain and Canada. RGE business units are operating in various industries, such as palm oil, specialty cellulose, viscose fibre, pulp and paper, and oil and gas.

Sukanto Tanoto can be an example for other businessmen in Indonesia because his companies are all able to compete in the global market, even those that are based in Indonesia. For example the APRIL Group, which Tanoto founded in 1993 in the Pangkalan Kerinci region, Riau. Now APRIL is listed as one of the largest pulp and paper producers … Read More

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La lumière directe du soleil est une partie importante du bien-être d’un perroquet

Les perroquets ont besoin d’espace ouvert, d’air frais et de la lumière directe du soleil beaucoup plus souvent que vous ne le pensez. Même s’ils dorment la nuit comme vous, pendant la journée, il est dans leur nature d’obtenir un peu de soleil et une exploration. Si vos perroquets sont constamment gardés dans un espace confiné tel qu’une cage à perroquet, il leur sera extrêmement difficile de passer leur temps de manière agréable. Un temps excessif passé dans la cage mènerait à la tristesse, à la solitude et au refus d’être amical. Certaines alternatives, telles que les supports d’arbres de java, baignoire oiseaux, les stands d’oiseaux et les cages de plateau de jeu sont suggérées et seront abordées plus en détail ci-dessous.

Pourquoi un perroquet voudrait-il tant d’air frais et d’espace? La réponse la plus évidente est que ce sont des animaux qui ont l’habitude de voler et qui … Read More

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Latest Self Service Solutions

Self-service systems are ending up increasingly well known and finding their way into an ever-increasing number of business organizations around the globe. The fundamental thought of these systems is to furnish clients and customers with a way that they can serve themselves – by purchasing items or by getting data/checking in without really addressing any individuals from staff chipping away at the site using kiosk system

This, at that point, has countless focal points for the business as well as for the clients. For the clients, it implies that they can all the more rapidly get in and out of the store, which means thus that they squander less of their day holding back to be served and that they can purchase things using payment kiosk without making discussion if they would prefer not to.

Simultaneously self-service is exceptionally helpful for the business since it expands ‘turnover’ which means … Read More

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Top 7 Tips to Win Live Events Successfully In Dubai

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Organizing live events have become a principal brand marketing strategy. More and more brands are spending huge money on organizing live events in order to promote their products/services. Live events are one of the best ways to attract customers so they should be appealing and meaningful. All new event management companies in dubai try to distance themselves from live stage events. The main reason behind this trend is the amount of preparation and cost involved in this process to organize a successful event. Most new companies think, this is not their cup of tea right now. 

Live events are getting immense popularity throughout the world and brands are accepting this trend. This is also a great opportunity for brands to get more business in the event industry. That is why event management companies are trying their best to meet client expectations while delivering the best possible results.  

These below-mentioned tips … Read More