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      • Kick Off Your Heels and Call Over the Girls!

        Hello my beauties! Do you ever have those days where you come home from work and you just want something refreshing and delicious? But the kicker is you don't want to spend forever making it cause you don't think you can stand much longer on your feet! All you want...

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      • Statement Jewelry

        Not feeling like dressing up? We have a simple fix we are loving. Statement jewelry. We love a casual tee-shirt and jeans, but if you need to look chic- add these simple pieces and it can take you from plain to perfection.  ...

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      • Back to School

        Counting down the days to first day of school. Again. Is hard to remember yourself that you will have to go back to the daily homework, essays and tasks and all the everyday routine you used to do. We know that is not too easy refocusing yourself from freedom to...

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      • The Fetchest Moments from Mean Girls

        Mean Girls is a cult classic. It was one of Tina Fey's first films she wrote and it was what helped Lindsay Lohan's fame skyrocket! Everyone quotes this movie, whether you are a fan or not you just can't help it! This movie is a definite go to when you...

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    TCU Sororities...who's gonna win?